School Fees

School fees for 2016-2017

Basic School Fees
There are no fees for Kindergarten
Grades 1 – 6 $64.00
Grades 7 – 9 $79.00
Grades 10 – 12 $104.00

The above fees include $1.00 for student accident insurance. The Grades 10-12 fee includes $5.00 for Diploma Exam materials.

The following are examples of items included in the basic school fee:

Textbooks, photocopying, library materials, physical education equipment
Blanket student accident insurance with Industrial Alliance Pacific

Co-curricular activities (i.e., swimming), extra-curricular activities and field trips are charged separately according to cost.

Option/CTS Fees (Grades 7-12)
$7.00 per credit (25 hours)
Band (instrument rentals)