Planning and Reporting

Planning Tools and Templates
CESD Education Planning and Reporting Guide • Powerpoint Template
Admin Road Map • School Planning Template
Chinook's Edge Plans and Results
2015-2018 CESD Ed Plan & Annual Education Results Report
October 2016 CESD Accountability Pillar Report
Achievement Test 5 Year Roll-Ups  •  Diploma Exam 5 Year Roll-Ups

Videos - How Can I:
Access Accountability Pillar Information on the Extranet?
Access Diploma Exam Results on the Extranet?

Where do I find:
My school's achievement test and diploma exam roll-ups - WeShare
My school's diploma item analysis sheets - WeShare
My school's diploma exam 'school reports' for teachers - Extranet
My school's accountability pillar documents - Extranet
My school's ed planning word templates from Alberta Education - Extranet

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