Learning Services

Learning Services

The Learning Services team provides support to teachers in their curricular needs.

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Indigenous Education (FNMI)

Grading & Reporting Site
Front Matter / Essence Statements

Essential Outcomes Site
CTF Site
Clarification to the Math Curriculum
Wellness Education
Alberta Environmental Education (Green Schools)
ELA Reading K-9 Scope and Sequence
ELA Writing K-9 Scope and Sequence

Career Connections Support
CESD Career Connections Site
CESD Career Connections Scope & Sequence
CTS Pathways Wiki
Distributed Learning Wiki
Dual Credit Manual 2016-2017 (Access Key: cesd73)
Off Campus Education Wiki
myBlueprint Getting Started
myBlueprint (Technical Support)

Chinook's Edge Athletic Association
CEAA - Wellness Education

High School Redesign
High School Redesign Criteria
Alberta Education - Redesigning High School

Learning Support Teams (LST)
LST Site
5 Year Professional Learning Plan

Library / Learning Commons & Resources
CESD Learning Commons Implementation Guide
Leading Learning: Standards of Practice for School Library Learning Commons, 2014
Destiny (Library Services)
FNMI Buffalo Kit (Kit can be ordered through IMC)
Instructional Media Centre (IMC)




Locally Developed Courses (LDC)
Creating your own Locally Developed Course
List of Locally Developed Courses
Related Policies & Administrative Procedures
Steps for Locally Developed Course Approval

Mentorship Site

Professional Learning Communities
Collaboration - Guiding Principles
English Language Arts Cohort
Social Studies Cohort
PLC Site

Quality Learning Environment (QLE)
Interactive QLE
Reading Framework
Student Engagement
Printable QLE (PDF)
QLE - Detailed Document (16 pages)
Printable Teacher Professional Growth Plan (PDF)

SLA / Diploma Exam / PAT Support
Part A Exams on Chrome: CESD Overview
Quest A+ on Chromebooks
Quest A+ Written Response
Alberta Education - Diploma Exam Bulletins
Alberta Education - PAT Bulletins
SLA Communication to Teachers 2015-2016

Teaching Technology (also found in System Services)
CESD Google in Education Site
CESD Moodle
Alberta Moodle Hub
Digital Literacy - MediaSmarts
Sensitive Film or Video Parental Consent Form PDF - (Word Version)
Teacher's Technology Support Wiki